Shotgun Choke Tubes Do Not Work Like Funnels…

Until recently, everyone thought that shotgun chokes “work” by funneling down metal shot pellets from a bore-size wad into a smaller stream under pressure, like a garden hose does with water. It was not really understood why the spread of pellets from a shotshell could be concentrated at a distance onto a target. Of course, the more shot that can be made to hit the target instantly, the greater the killing power.

It is true that pattern targets don’t lie. Funnel chokes seem to do a pretty good job on them. But they don’t tell you the whole truth, either.

Stop and think about it, we live in a 3-dimensional world. Shot patterns are also 3-dimensional. The pattern board only shows you 2 dimensions, height and width. It does not show you pattern depth, which is the distance between the foremost and the rearmost pellet. Olin pointed out years ago that the “shot string” from lead shot loads of his day were approximately 12 feet in length at 40 yards. You need a 3-D pattern to kill ducks and geese; 2-D patterns only are important if you are shooting at a photo of ducks & geese!

The Unseen Tricks Behind The Magic

The Wad Wizard® produces a shorter shot string with all loads, at all ranges, which produces startling “slap-down killing power”. Like a crafty wizard performing a magic trick, you cannot see the “slight-of-hand” that’s behind the scenes. But, you can’t deny the results.

The magic behind the Wad Wizard®. Dense 3-D patterns are produced by replacing the old “funnel choke” technology with a patented wad retarding system which:

  • “Retards” the wad to seal the muzzle as long as possible, separates the shot from the wad to minimize shot string length and minimize the gas turbulence which will otherwise increase pattern width and height and create irregular “poor” patterns.
  • Keeps the shot charge at bore diameter throughout the length of the barrel and out of the muzzle. Conventional constriction “funnel chokes” squeeze down on the shot charge within the wad and deform soft-metal pellets within the shotcup wad, and place incredible stresses on the barrel when large, hard shot are used such as steel and tungsten-iron

The performance of any Wad Wizard tube may be varied for different ranges and uses by choice of the shot shell used. You can obtain dense, evenly distributed patterns with all shell lengths, loads and load velocities, all sizes and metal types of birdshot, and all buckshot sizes. Best results come from ammo using one-piece plastic shot cups, especially tough steel shot one-piece wads. Rule of thumb with the Wad Wizard®; the shorter the shell length and the larger the shot size, the tighter the pattern.

Whatever your need, you owe it to yourself to look into the Wad Wizard® Shotgun Choke System.

The Wad Wizard Shotgun Choke System is unconditionally guaranteed for quality and workmanship. Walker Tech Group warrants against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of this product. Walker Tech Group limits any warranty claim to the repair or replacement of this product. Please read instructions carefully prior to installation. Walker Tech Group assumes no responsibility for product malfunction or for physical injury or property damage resulting from improper use or installation.