Shotgun Choke Tubes Do Not Work Like Funnels…

The Walker’s Wad Wizard wad-retarding choke tubes deliver unprecedented tight patterns with buckshot and large lead shot for increased multiple hits and maximum killing-power. They do so at greater distances than conventional choke tubes.

Whether with buckshot for deer or black bear, or lead BBs or #2s for coyote, you’ll discover the efficiency of large shot with our wad-retarding choke tubes. To get an idea of what you can expect with our product take a look at a few patterns here.

“First let me start by saying, I am not new to shooting. I have been shooting and hunting all my life and I am also an armorer and range instructor where I work. I wanted to write to you and advise you of what a fantastic choke tube you manufacture. I contacted Inpromarketing and inquired about your Wad Wizard Supreme Choke Tube for a Beretta Xtrema. I took the new choke to the range as soon as I received it. My first shots were with Federal 00 buckshot. I could not believe my eyes. At 50 yards I was able to consistently put 11 -12 of the 18 pellets in a paper plate. That’s only a 12 inch circle. I have never had buckshot shoot so well. I don’t know how your competitors can stay in business against such a great product. I would hope that if anyone is thinking of trying out the other tubes on the market they give the Wad Wizard a shot first. You won’t go anywhere else.”

Darren D., NJ

” I just got in from testing the Supreme Choke I purchased from Wad Wizard. As I explained to you I was having trouble getting my formerly very accurate Browning BPS to pattern the buckshot loads that are on the market today. After testing the Supreme choke I am pleased to announce that I am “in love” with my BPS once more. I tested both the recommended 2 3/4 inch and 3 inch “00” Federal Supreme loads. My first shot with the 2 3/4 inch shell placed 8 of the 9 pellets in a 9 inch pie plate at 30 yards with the one pellet missing the plate by about 1/4 inch. Most of the pellets were within a 6 inch circle!!! Thanks so much for such a great product.”

Ed H., NJ

“For anybody that shoots buckshot your Wad Wizard is the REAL DEAL! I was looking for a tube that would give me a 50 yard coyote killer pattern. Well, that was easy. Without a doubt the most awesome buckshot patterns I have ever seen!! Thank you for a great product and great customer service.”

Ray C., NC

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The Wad Wizard Shotgun Choke System is unconditionally guaranteed for quality and workmanship. Walker Tech Group warrants against defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of this product. Walker Tech Group limits any warranty claim to the repair or replacement of this product. Please read instructions carefully prior to installation. Walker Tech Group assumes no responsibility for product malfunction or for physical injury or property damage resulting from improper use or installation.