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Walker's Wad Wizard® Choke Tube System - SRM Sure Cycle Products - Terror Shotgun Choke Tubes

Wad Wizard Choke Tube System Patterns
Choke Tube Pattern Samples
Patterns and Shells
Below are patterns shot with the new Wad Wizard® Choke Tubes.  No specially selected targets here - what you see is what we experienced with our guns and randomly selected tubes and what you should experience as well. Like your fingerprint, no two guns, chokes, shells, etc... are exactly the same. We always recommend that you experiment to see what works best for your gun and your shooting situation.
Supreme 12 Gauge (Long Range) Tubes & Performance
Supreme 12 Ga. Non-Toxic Shot Patterns
Supreme 12 Buckshot Patterns
Supreme 12 Lead Patterns

SWAT 12® 12 Gauge (Supreme Wide Area Tube) Tubes & Performance
SWAT12 Non-Toxic Shot Patterns
SWAT12 Buckshot Patterns
SWAT12 Lead Patterns

Power20® 20 Gauge Tubes & Performance
Power20 SWAT

STUD10 (Supreme Ten, Ultimate Density) 10 Gauge Tubes & Performance
STUD10  10 Gauge    
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