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The Reality of It All DVD

“Callin’ The Shots, The Reality of It All”, the newest DVD from Callin’ The Shots Outdoor TV, the 5th in the reality series. This is the only waterfowl DVD you can’t go without this season. You see, these guys do it just like you do, on their own and near their homes. That’s right, no guided hunts, no leases and no nesting grounds exotic trips, just good ole American Waterfowlin’ at it’s best. Brian Pierog is back with his team of the most dedicated waterfowlers that he knows of, together they travel Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana in search of another great day a field with friends.

Included is an entire season with the gang and their retrievers, Indy, Drake, Lewie and Gunner.

96 minutes of Real “On Your Own” Waterfowling’!


The Reality of It All DVD   Qty:      Price: $12.95    

Callin' The Shots DVD
The fourth DVD by Callin' The Shots Outdoor Television, 14 hunts, labs, kids and most of all, fun. This DVD is created with the reality theme, no guides, leases or nesting grounds were used to capture any footage. 96 minutes of down home, good ole' American Waterfowling, all hunts conducted just like the average waterfowler does it, from the scouting to the hunt, you can relate to each and every hunt. Watch as Brian Pierog's son Caleb harvests his first limit of geese, watch as his lab Indy makes her mark on a terrific first season. Brian is again joined by Team Longneck as he spends another season making memories that will last a lifetime.

Also included are retriever tips by the team's dog trainer, Jim Beverly.

Sponsored by Wad Wizard Choke Tubes!

Callin' The Shots DVD   Qty:      Price: $9.95    

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