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20 Gauge Ammunition

The only buckshot shells on the market that get the most out of the Wad Wizard Power20 tubes is the Wad Wizard Power20tm Buckshot.

Inpromarketing Corp. has collaborated with some of the top law enforcement firearms instructors in the world today. They have called for an appropriate 20 gauge tactical buckshot load for use by law enforcement & military personnel in performing their duties. The 12 gauge is just too heavy in weight and recoil for many of the smaller-statured officers and soldiers.

We were given certain standards:
1. 2 3/4" 20 gauge buckshot load delivered with low recoil and yet, effective energy delivered on-target to 25 yards.

2. Must operate the action of an automatic shotgun.

3. Patterns at 25 yards with at least 80% of the buckshot pellets striking within a 12 inch circle to minimize stray shot.
"Tested the 20 gauge ammunition this week. Wonderful stuff! Out of an 1100, the buckshot pattern is essentially a "bullet" out to twenty meters, a quantum improvement over conventional ammunition out of a cylinder bore. We really like this version. Now we can now knock down steel targets at the same twenty-meter range that we use for 12 gauge shotguns.”

John Farnam, DTI Instructor

Specifically designed to give its best performance with the patented Wad Wizard wad retarding Power20 tubes, we now offer the commercially-loaded Wad Wizard Power20 brand. The shells contain 18 pellets of # 4 nickel-plated buckshot at 1200 fps, which delivers unprecedented energy on-target out to 25 yards with minimal recoil even in youth model shotguns. Why are they so effective? It's because you can usually depend on all 18 buckshot pellets hitting the target.  Also produces superior tactical performance with all types of constriction chokes and 20 gauge guns. 
20 Gauge Buckshot Ammo
Wad Wizard Power20 #4 Buck 5 Pack    Qty:    Price: $19.50  

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