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3 Reasons To Buy A Patented Wad Wizard Choke Tube
Available in 10, 12 & 20 Gauge
VERSATILITY – These choke tubes are a real bargain!  Any individual Wad Wizard tube can be used with ANY size of shot, ANY type of shot and ANY length of shell. Performance can be varied by the length of shot shell, size of ammo, type of ammo and velocity of shell, just to name a few. Can be used for ALL hunting, sporting clays shooting, law enforcement and personal defense. Whether you're a turkey hunter, clay bird shooter, waterfowl hunter, shooting upland game, or using buckshot for deer hunting or personal defense, the Wad Wizard Choke Tube is for you!
RELIABILITY - These choke tubes are manufactured with only the very best available firearms-grade steel, by experienced engineers and   craftsmen who have a strong commitment to workmanship and quality control. All tubes are machined and threaded to proper specs, to  virtually  eliminate "tube back-out".
PERFORMANCE – Unequaled “slap-down” performance with any velocity, size and type of shot, including steel, lead, bismuth, Hevishot,   tungsten-matrix, tungsten-iron, tungsten-polymer, and ALL sizes of buckshot. Performance without resorting to porting!
Wad Wizard Choke Tube Models Available:

WAD WIZARD SUPREME 12 Gauge, STUD-10 10 Gauge & Power20 20 Gauge designed for Medium to Long-Range Shooting. WAD WIZARD SWAT designed for short to Medium-Range Shooting.
Wad Wizard Choke Tubes are available for these Gun Makes

Benelli / Beretta 12 Ga. (Nova, Super Nova, SBE, M1)

Optima Field 12 Ga.
(Xtrema I & II, SBE II, M2, Vinci)

Optima H-P 12 Ga.
(Beretta A400)

Br. Inv. Plus 12 Ga.
(Winchester Super X2 & X3)

Remington  12 Ga.

Remington Pro Bore 12 Ga.
(Versa Max, Spartan)

Winchoke 12 Ga.
(Winchester, Savage, Mossberg)

Mossberg 12 Ga. 835/935

TruChoke 12 GA.
(Baikal MP153)

Benelli 20 Ga.

Optima Crio 20 Ga.

Br. Inv. Plus 20 Ga.

Remington 20 Ga.

Browning 10 Ga.

Remington 10 Ga.

Wad Wizard® Choke Tubes Do Not Work Like Funnels - Until recently, everyone thought that shotgun chokes "work" by funneling down metal shot pellets from a bore-size wad into a smaller stream under pressure, like a garden hose does with water. It was not really understood why the spread of pellets from a shotshell could be concentrated at a distance onto a target. Of course, the more shot that can be made to hit the target instantly, the greater the killing power.

It is true that pattern targets don't lie. Funnel chokes seem to do a pretty good job on them. But they don't tell you the whole truth, either. Click Here for More Info
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